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                               TCAF will be hosting a variety of events during the year.

                                Homecoming was our first. We invited all TCAF members and Crawford alumni and provided

                         VIP parking. We also gave a tour of Crawford, both old and new. We were treated to Ethnic foods

                         supplied by the ASB Clubs and then a fun football game.

                                We are also sponsoring the first RoadRunner Distance Track Festival in May at Crawford

                         at night.

                                Our Hall of Fame committee is working on selecting candidates and remodeling the lobby of

                         the gym to house the Hall of Fame. We will have some form of an Induction Ceremony to honor

                         the inductees.

                                 We will be hosting our annual Golf Tournament Fundraiser in September at The Country

                         Club of Rancho Bernardo. Last year was a huge success with 94 golfers.







September Golf
Tournament Fundraiser

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