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 Our Story

      What started out as a handful of Class of ’65 Crawford Alumni playing a round of golf, quickly turned into Team Crawford Golf with 52 alumni members from many classes and four tournaments a year.

     Not long ago, some of our golf group decided to take a trip to Crawford High, hoping to reconnect to the wonderful years that we spent there. What we found was a school with an athletic department that desperately needed our help. We met with Athletic Director, Kelcie Butcher who is doing an incredible job with a very restricted budget. She informed us that some kids couldn’t even afford proper shoes to play in. Also, we didn’t notice a single Letterman’s Jacket on campus. We discovered that the jackets cost $200-$300 and the kids simply can’t afford them.  We talked with coaches and found that they are spending their own money to help support their programs and kids. Coaching in high school just doesn’t pay that much and basically it is volunteering. What we found on our visit was a huge need.

     After our visit we talked with the others in our golf group and decided to form the Team Crawford Athletic Foundation to help meet the needs of the Athletic Department, its programs, and athletes.

     Before we even got started we were informed that the Cross Country kids needed shoes to run in. We found a friend that could get Asics XC shoes at cost, and after few phone calls we got a donation and the kids got their shoes.  A week later a friend donated 122 pairs of shoes to us for the volleyball teams and to sell the remainder to raise money for the foundation. Recently, we have received donations from Corporate Clothiers and others that have helped us get off to a great start. We are planning our first clinic this fall with former volleyball coaches and players from SDSU and CIF Champion coaches. We have future plans to provide clinics in all of the sports.

     We also want to establish the Team Crawford Varsity Club for all athletes that receive varsity letters. We will help provide an alternative Letterman’s Jacket that the athlete can afford and wear proudly. The athlete’s club membership will include community service, require a commitment to support other athletes and teams, and to play with dignity and pride that will positively represent Crawford High.

     This is how we started and where we are going. We hope that you will decide to join us on our journey to help these student athletes participate in athletics and create their own memories at Crawford High School.

Our Mission

     Team Crawford Athletic Foundation is a 501c3 Nonprofit that has been created by Alumni Athletes to support the Athletic Programs at Crawford High School.  Due to school budget cuts and the high cost of sports products, Crawford Athletic Programs and individual athletes need additional support to be successful.

     Team Crawford will help provide financial assistance to pay for uniforms, team and individual equipment, tournament fees, transportation, pre-game meals, and tutorials. We will also support teams and athletes by organizing events for alumni to attend games, matches, and meets.                                   
​     Further, with Crawford High School’s large population of students from all over the world, the Foundation will be offering Clinics and Summer Camps to introduce students to the 12 CIF Sports offered at Crawford High.

Our Services

Team Crawford

    Team Crawford Athletic Foundation is involved in creating a school wide concept called Team Crawford.

    Team Crawford is more than Athletics. It gives all students, teachers, administrators and staff an opportunity to belong to “Team Crawford.”  Statistics show that for students to stay in school and be successful, they need to connect to their school. Team Crawford provides that opportunity. It promotes school pride and a sense of belonging to something bigger than themselves.

    As a student, this is accomplished by becoming an active participant on one of the school athletic teams or simply by attending and supporting teams and individuals at games and matches. This can also be done by being active in ASB, which supports the teams and individuals that represent their school.  

     Statistics show that students that participate in athletics have a higher GPA than students who do not. If you are a teacher, administrator and staff member you can help support the athletes both academically and athletically in the classroom and on campus.  This can be done by celebrating and recognizing the accomplishments of the teams and individuals and by attending and showing your support at games and matches. Having a teacher, administrator, or staff member visible at games or matches means a great deal to some of the athletes that do not have someone there to support their efforts.

     Just like the Pro and College teams that have a large fan base and produce team and city pride, students, faculty, and staff can do the same at Crawford High by being on Team Crawford. GO COLTS !!

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